Mobile Banking

Manage your money wherever you go!

Life doesn’t always give you time to manage your finances. With Mobile Banking, you can make any time the right time to complete various financial tasks. With the Mobile Personal FCB App (for Android and Apple devices), you get the power to manage all aspects of your bank accounts right from your device.

Features & Tools

Live Chat

Chat live within Online & Mobile Banking to help with your account balance, debit card, transfer/loan payments, eStatements, and more! Available Monday - Friday from 8:00am - 5:00pm. 

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Check Account Balances & History

It’s easy to quickly check your account balances and your account history

Transfer Funds Between Accounts

You can transfer funds between accounts, set up automatic recurring transfers, and transfer money to accounts you have at other financial institutions

Receive Push Notifications to get Alerts

Be alerted when your balance is high or low, receive a weekly notification of your balance, and more. You receive these as a push notification on your mobile device.
Login to Mobile Banking and tap More > Settings > Push Notifications to turn them on and off

Pay Your Bills Online

Pay your bills within Online Banking with Bill Pay! This FREE tool will also remind you of upcoming due dates, and much more.

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Money Management Tool

This tool allows you to view your spending habits over time, set budgets/goals, look at your overall financial picture… including your credit cards, loans at other institutions, retirement accounts, and more!

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Mobile Deposit

Deposit a check into your bank account right from your smartphone using Mobile Deposit within our Mobile FCB app.

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Note: Checks deposited using Mobile Deposit before 4:00pm will be deposited the next business day and after 4:00pm will be deposited the next two business days.

Mobile Banking FAQs

Don't have an Apple or Android device?

Web-Enabled Multimedia Phone Banking

Access your First Citizens Online Banking on your web-enabled device via our website,

Use your multimedia phone to:

  • Check Account balances
  • View Account activity
  • Transfer funds between your First Citizens Bank accounts
  • Set Alerts
  • View check images
  • Pay bills within the app using Bill Pay
  • See your complete financial picture using Money Management