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Bill Pay

Online Bill Payments Made Easy!

You now have access to an easier, faster, and more convenient way to pay bills, transfer money, and directly pay individuals. This service is available to ALL our Online & Mobile Banking customers. Business Bill Pay is not automatically available for all customers. Please contact us for enrollment.

Consumer BillPay Demo Business BillPay Demo

Log into our NEW Bill Pay via Online Banking

Existing Bill Pay Users: 

  • Verify your payees and recurring payments
  • eBills will not convert

Previous External Transfer/Pop Money Users: 

  • Please enroll in our Bill Pay service if not existing Bill Pay user
  • You will need to reenter and schedule your previous recurring payments/transfers. Please use the Pay a Person or Transfer options to recreate your transfers. 

No need to worry about writing a check, getting a stamp, and putting bills in the mail... use Bill Pay instead! Access this FREE service within our Online Banking and you can even pay your bills with your mobile device using Mobile Banking.

3 Benefits of Bill Pay:

#1 Convenient

Pay your bills with just a few clicks whenever and wherever you are. 

#2 Secure

Payments made within our secure Online Banking system.

#3 Easy Payments

Ability to pay anyone with one-time or recurring payments.

How does it work?

View Consumer Bill Pay Demo

Set Up Payees

A payee is anyone that you would like to send money to, be that a company or a person. Once your payee is added to the system, you can schedule a payment.

Automatic Payments

You can set up an automatic payment rule and your payment will be automatically scheduled and sent out based on your specific instructions.


A reminder is a simple way to never lose track of when your next payment is due. A reminder does not mean your bill will be paid automatically.

Payment History

Payment history allows detailed searches for past and scheduled payments and eBills, as well as sort, download, or print information on the payment history page.


An eBill is an electronic copy of your paper bill that you can view anytime from within the Bill Pay service and typically contains the same information as your paper bill or statement. NOTE: With the new Bill Pay, eBills will NOT convert.

Funding Account

A funding account is the account that will be debited when making a payment using the Bill Pay service.

Payment Processing

Two different kinds of payments are made to your payees: electronic payments and check payments.

Pay A Person/Make a Transfer

Send money by simply knowing the email, cell phone number, or bank information of recipient. Use transfers to move money between your accounts at different financial institutions.

BillPay FAQs

Q: Will my Bill Pay payees convert?

A: Existing payees should convert 

Q: Will my Bill Pay recurring payments convert?

A: Yes 

Q: Will my Ebills I had set up convert?

A: No, they will need to be set up again in our new Bill Pay. 

Q: Will my PopMoney payees convert?

A: No, these will need to be set up in our new Bill Pay. 

Q: Will my External Transfer accounts convert?

A: No, these will need to be set up in our new Bill Pay. 

Q: Why is it asking me to create challenge questions when I clicked on Bill Pay?

A: This is a new security feature.  You’ll be prompted to answer these questions when you add new payees, etc…  You can view/change your challenge questions within the “My Account” tab. 

Q: What is the Process Date?

A: Process date is the date the funds will be deducted from your account if payment/transfer is processed electronically.   

Q: How will my payment be made?

A: Electronically or Draft Check 

Q: What is a Draft Check?

A: A check that is created on your behalf with your name and account number.  The payment will not post against your account until the check is received and deposited by the recipient.  

Q: How will I know when the payment will be received?

A: Once the process date is selected, an estimated delivery date will be displayed. 

Q: Can I set up recurring payments?

A: Yes, once the payee is established or set up, you can create recurring payments.  These payments can be skipped, edited, or stopped by you. 

Q: Can I setup notifications?

A: Yes, you can receive notifications by text or email.  These can be managed within the “My Account” tab. 

Q: Can I add other offset accounts such as my savings account?

A: Yes, you can request the addition of other accounts held at First Citizens within the “My Account” tab.  It may take 1 – 2 days before they are available. 

Q: What is Gift Pay?

A: Gift Pay allows you to send a gift or donation.  A physical check will be created and mailed on your behalf.  Gifts allow you to select the occasion, select appropriate artwork, and create your own message.  

  • Additional fees will apply:  
    • Gift check $2.99  
    • Donation check $1.99  
    • Fees will be deducted from your account on the Process Date you select. 

Q: Where do I go to set up a transfer between my account at First Citizens and another Financial Institution?

A: Under the Bill Pay Tab within Online Banking, click on the Transfer tab. 

Q: What is the Pay a Person option?

A: This allows you to send money to another person using 3 different options.   

  1. EMAIL/TEXT (electronic)-You do not have the banking information for the recipient. They will receive a message allowing them to securely enter their banking information to accept the funds from you.   
  2. Direct Deposit (Electronic)-You know the name, phone number, account number, and routing number of the recipient. 
  3. Check-You only know the name and address of the recipient.  A check will be mailed.  You should allow 5-7 days to be received. 

Q: Why is it asking me to create a Key Word when I create a “Pay a Person” email payment?

A: This is a security feature to ensure the transfer is received by the correct person.  The key word is a password you create and provide to the recipient.  When the recipient receives the email with a secure link, they will need to enter the keyword/password to proceed.  They can get locked out after 3 failed attempts.  If this happens, you the subscriber, can unlock them, or the payee can wait 24 hours and it will automatically be unlocked.   

Q: What happens if the recipient doesn’t complete their steps?

A: The recipient has to complete this process before a payment can be scheduled.  They have 9 days to complete the process. They will receive reminder emails on the 3rd and 6th day.  If they do not complete their setup, they will be automatically deleted, and the subscriber will be notified. 

Do you see a white box when you try to access Bill Pay? It may be your device's browser settings. 

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