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Direct Deposit/ACH/Payroll

Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit of payroll will reduce the time and money your company spends on payroll administration by eliminating the printing preparation, reconcilement and special handling of pay checks. Direct Deposit will also provide participating employees with added personal financial convenience.

The service is designed for companies that:

  • Want to reduce the cost of payroll administration
  • Have employees in a number of locations
  • Want to provide a low-cost employee benefit

Direct Deposit uses the Automated Clearing House

Employees can enroll in the Direct Deposit program by completing an authorization form and providing you with their bank account information. Your company provides the payroll information in an ACH file to First Citizens Bank via a secure web site. First Citizens Bank can also receive direct deposit files from your payroll vendor.

Your First Citizens Bank account will be debited for the total payroll amount and your employee's accounts are credited for their net pay. Nearly 100% of financial institutions, saving and loans, and credit unions accept direct deposits.

How will your company benefit?

  • Reduction of payroll administration costs
  • Improved cash flow forecasting
  • Security and accuracy superior to paper transactions

How will your employees benefit?

  • Improved convenience eliminates trips to the bank
  • Increased security and confidentiality
  • Reliable deposit when out of town

ACH Origination Services

With this service, you have the power to collect and submit payments electronically to and from your customers’ accounts.

ACH Origination Services from First Citizens Bank can provide your company with:

  • Convenience
  • Reduced overhead
  • Faster settlements
  • Security and accuracy superior to paper transactions

The main uses of ACH services:

  • Automatic deposit of payroll for your employees
  • Transfer of funds within your subsidiaries
  • Payment of invoices electronically
  • Collection of regular monthly payments from your customers (customer authorizations needed)

How does ACH work?

You create a data file and provide it to First Citizens via the web. We process the file then send it electronically through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network and process the off-setting debit or credit to your account.

How do we get started?

1. A written agreement is drawn up and signed by your company and the bank. The agreement outlines such things as agreed upon file format and delivery methods, responsibilities, time constraints, and transaction deadlines.

2. Testing of a sample file is completed.

3. Transactions are scheduled.

Please contact us if you'd like additional information about ACH Origination Services.