Contactless Cards

Tap to Pay!

All of our consumer debit and credit cards as well as business credit cards come with the contactless pay option.

How does it work?

  1. Find the contactless symbol at checkout 
  2. Tap your contactless card on the checkout terminal when prompted (some terminals may require your PIN to be entered)
  3. Your payment will be processed in seconds!

Contactless cards use the same security as chip cards by generating a transaction-specific, one-time-use code, thus protecting your payment information.

Consumer Debit Card

There’s more to our debit cards than plastic. From a variety of card choices to Ka’Ching Debit Card rewards, we’re full of surprises.

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Consumer Credit Card

Not only is a credit card a great way to make everyday purchases and build your credit, but you can also earn cash back!

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Business Credit Card

Not only does a business credit card help you make important purchases for your business, but it also offers the chance to earn sweet rewards!

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